CAMP (Coronary Artery & Myocardial Protection) is dedicated to improving patient outcomes and quality of life with supported high-risk percutaneous coronary intervention by utilizing best practices, techniques and technologies to enable safer, more effective and complete revascularization.

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The founding physicians of CAMP recognize that training and education needs to adapt to physician needs in order to improve the outcomes for these patients.

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CAMP was developed by physicians in an effort to respond to a growing crisis in coronary artery disease and heart failure, as well as to the need for continuous improvement in contemporary PCI techniques and tools.

Many high-risk coronary artery disease patients are not diagnosed as having heart disease or are told that they have no treatment options due to the risk and complexity of their heart disease. Those patients who do receive treatment often have less than optimal results due to lack of awareness of proper treatment strategies.

Of the nearly 1 million PCI procedures performed annually in the United States:
  • Out of the 23% having multivessel or high-risk PCI, 45% have incomplete revascularizations, resulting in less than optimal results and increased costs
  • 7% suffer from acute kidney injury, which can result in increased mortality
  • 8 to 17% are readmitted within 30 days of discharge for cardiovascular issues
  • 300,000 patients do not receive any treatment and have a diminished quality of life
  • Only 1 in 10 patients with coronary artery disease are tested for CAD

CAMP Collaborative Vision

The CAMP learning collaborative offers the industry's most comprehensive and highest quality physician education and training program for treating high-risk patients with advanced coronary artery disease. Designed for all levels of clinical expertise, CAMP offers continuous learning on multiple platforms and educational solutions.

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