Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of CAMP?
CAMP (Coronary Artery & Myocardial Protected) PCI offers the industry’s most comprehensive physician education and training program for treating high-risk patients with advanced coronary artery disease. The goal of CAMP is to improve patient outcomes and quality of life with supported high-risk PCI. Designed for all levels of clinical expertise, CAMP offers continuous learning, peer-to-peer discussion, networking opportunities and more.
Do I have to follow the curriculum exactly in order or can I test out of some courses?
CAMP members may enroll in any course, following any sequence. CAMP offers a variety of course tracks, including patient identification and hemodynamics; epidemiology, current trends and data; vessel prep, access and closure; imaging best practices; complex coronary treatment strategies, patient management and complication management; operational considerations; and AMI cardiogenic shock.
Will there be a “certification” or other recognition if I complete all courses
Yes. A physician can download a digital certificate of completion from their profile page after completing each course track.
Will Abiomed have large bore access courses and other symposia at major conferences like ACC, SCAI and TCT?
Yes, we will still offer stand-alone access & closure courses. This year, we will have them in conjunction with major tradeshows.
How much does it cost to participate in CAMP?
CAMP is a series of educational courses both digital and instructor led that are offered by Abiomed. There are no registration fees for the courses, but an attendee may need to incur some travel/hotel costs. These costs will be reimbursed after the program based on our policy for educational courses.
Is CAMP open to physicians outside the US?
Yes, physicians outside the US may request access to CAMP. Requests are reviewed by the Professional Education team and access is granted based on a variety of factors, including contemporary use of Impella. The eLearning education modules are available to physicians with a CAMP account.
Is CAMP open to medical providers who aren’t physicians (nurses, cath lab techs, etc.)?
Yes. There will be online modules specific for health care providers who are not physicians. Some instructor-led courses are also appropriate for health care providers who are not physicians but are part of the heart team and delivery of care. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more.